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Take2 produces legal videos that yield results!

Increase the value of your case! Take2 produces highly effective day in the life videos for mediation & trial, documentary style settlement videos for liability & damages,  jury selection focus group videos that help maximize your understanding of your research. 

Show your clients your value! Your brand is the way clients perceive you. Let Take2's team create a brand video that reflects your value. Impact your bottom line our brand videos help improve client retention and acquisition.

Settlement Videos

A Settlement Video is a documentary style video created to induce settlement in civil litigation.  They are commonly used for personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice or class action suits.  Settlement Videos are powerfully effective at conveying the extent of an injury, disfigurement, rehabilitation period, financial loss, and other relevant evidence in a multimedia format.

The consistency and the linear nature of a professionally produced settlement video give’s you a unique advantage when working toward a settlement; your message is finely crafted and consistently repeatable. Paper based settlement brochures allow the reader to skim through your demand, jump around and skip to the last page without clearly getting your message. The nature of a video demands the viewer watch your presentation in the order it was intended. The viewer simply watches your presentation from start to finish.  There is no turning to the last page just to “get to the bottom line.”  Additionally, it is more than just a document; it is a well-organized, persuasive presentation within a professionally produced documentary.

Settlement videos are sent directly to insurance adjusters, in-house counsel, CEOs, and/or defense counsel; it gives your client the opportunity to communicate directly with the ultimate decision-makers.  When corporate executives get an uncensored look at how their case could play out in trial, a settlement is more easily obtained.  This can be a powerful factor leading to a quicker and more favorable settlement.

Take2 Visual Production’s approach is raising the bar for settlement video standards. Our documentary style videos lets the victim and his loved ones tell their story, in their own words, accurately expressing their situation and emotions; essentially giving your client a voice. Our professional production team in conjunction with the attorney guides the client through their narrative assuring the desired outcome. When necessary, the use of professional graphics and animation helps relay complex situations accurately and effectively. The results; a video invoking empathy, compassion and a true understanding of your clients plight, creating a tool toward reaching your ultimate goal; a settlement in your clients favor.

A settlement video is a tool and although it cannot work alone, when produced effectively, it is proven to be a very persuasive instrument to expedite and settle negotiations. A settlement video will not make a bad case good, however, it can make a good case great; it goes beyond words to accurately portray the victim’s injuries and the impact the defendants actions have had on your client’s life. Take2 Visual’s client focused philosophy and skilled professional staff produces an end product that can assist you in successfully settling your client’s case.

Settlement videos are no longer a novelty in the legal process, they are becoming the standard, making it more important than ever that your clients video goes beyond the standard news story format, engages your audience and invokes empathy and understanding from the viewer. Take2 Visual has successfully produced many settlement videos, which have reached and exceeded these goals.

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