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Take2 Visual- Creating  engaging, effective, content   for all your video needs. corporate video,  social media, training, broadcast, commercial, websites, meetings and live events. Take2 brings your brand and message to life!




Take2 produces legal videos that yield results!

Take2 produces highly effective day in the life videos for mediation & trial, documentary style settlement videos for liability & damages,  mock jury trials focus group videos that help maximize your understanding of your research. 

Show your clients your value! Your brand is the way clients perceive you. Let Take2's team create a brand video that reflects your value. 


A Day-in-the-Life video, also known as an “Activities of Daily Living Documentary”, is most typically used in personal injury cases and can be shown in court. It is a truthful documentation of the actual daily activities of a person and how an incident in this person's life has impacted their ability to function on a day-to-day basis. A Day-in-the-Life Video should be presented to the jury in almost every serious injury case.  This video can be the most dramatic evidence you will present.  A professional Day-in-the-Life video will show the jury how an injury or medical malpractice procedure changed your client’s life temporarily or permanently, demonstrate and provide a clear picture to judges and juries of the daily struggles a client must face as a result of an alleged injury or incident. A Day-in the-Life video truly gives your client a face and a voice; it is a highly effective tool to demonstrate a person’s need for continued care and specialized equipment, and can also be used to reinforce the testimony of expert witnesses. The impact upon family and friends can also be shown on the video.

A legal videographer may record all the activities of a client's day including therapy, treatment and physical challenges. The raw video is then edited down to a timely presentation that can be used as a tool to assist you in obtaining a higher settlement offer from the opposing party.

At Take2 Visual we are sensitive to your client’s situation and know how to capture the best audio and video with as little intrusion as possible.  We will work with you to edit the video into a seamless presentation that accurately portrays your client to the jury.

The courts will only allow factual video to be shown to the jury therefore the events are not altered or staged in any way. No creative transitions, captions, music, graphics, or special effects are can be used.  However, Take2 Visuals professional team uses video shooting and editing techniques that will result in a powerful presentation for your case. Take2 Visual Productions Day-in-the-Life videos will make your opposition “wanna get away.”

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