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Case Study – National Church Residences “All Things Senior”

Wow...Take2 did an amazing job with this piece- we showed it during training to a group of new employees, people were crying!!! It effectively grabbed & held their attention while achieving our goal - giving an overview of National Church Residences services & emphasizing the important role we play in the lives of our clients and their families. Thank you for a job well done. Take2 not only met but exceeded our expectations!
— -Sherri Mixter, Communications Manager, National Church Residences-

Objective- Transform print piece into engaging video piece that captures the essence of the original news paper supplement.         

Each page contained a promotional block targeted to a different service, surrounded by “news stories” about the organization.

Primary desired outcome- to promote National Church Residences continuum of care for seniors.

The concept - family communicating about elderly parent’s health and life style through various communications tools- handwritten letter, text messages, email etc.

Client directive- keep video true to print piece using the same copy and communications tools as the print piece.

Challenge- Create an engaging, effective video piece, on a small budget,using written communication through a variety of electronic tools.Translating this concept from print to video had a unique set of challenges and budget did not allow for recognizable professional actors.  

Solution- Use stock images to add interest, emotion and time while controlling cost. Shoot text soft focus- make text secondary to video and voice over encouraging engagement messaging Each Character had their own unique color palate, and distinctly different, voices, settings, and subtle consistent unique environment elements.

Result- an engaging effective piece that grabs and holds the audience while delivering the clients message. The piece projected the clients brand and was delivered on-time and on-budget. 






Case Study-   Emerson- "Emerson Training Center"

Take2 produced both video and photography for the Emerson website and to launch their new training center. After building a state-of-the-art employee training center, Emerson approached Take2  to create a video and capture still photography that was used to introduce the training center to Emerson employees from around the world. Take2 successfully delivered high quality photography,and video while offering our clients an effective resource management opportunity.

Case Study-  Magruder Hospital and Cerner- "From Paper to Paperless"

MaGruder Hospital was one of the first to receive funding to become paperless.  They came to Take2 to create a tool to champion the transition, gain staff by-in, and document the relationship between Cerner and MaGruder Hospital.  Take2 Visual Communications captured video and still photography that ultimately produced high quality, brand consistent, on message,  multimedia products while offering our clients an effective resource management solution.. 

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